• Laura Bennett

CONNECTIONS – What Tomorrow Might Look Like for Marketers

So what might marketing look like in ten years? As the next generation rounds the corner there are glimmers of a whole new way of doing things, and it starts with caring. I predict the next generation will show us how to connect (or reconnect) in very real, as well as very high tech, ways.

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At a recent conference – when asked how the travel industry could be better – the young journalists (mostly bloggers) in the rooms said things like “more honesty”, “much more transparency”, “fairness” and “real connections”. As the Boomer in the group I agreed with all of these.


Even though leaders are saying how we organize and connect is going to change. From how homes are designed, to the shopping experience there are changes happening. Take for instance the expansion of the formerly-known-as a dining room into an open expanse called a “gathering room”. Shopping is becoming less about the bricks and mortar limitations and more about the customer – it’s not quite there yet but on the way

Next week the Herman Miller furniture company – long known as not only innovators but change makers will be unveiling a new concept they call the Living Office. According to Herman Miller’s announcement;

Living Office is a holistic offering of ideas, tools, furnishings, and services. It is built on a foundation of what we understand to be fundamental to all humans and will evolve continuously to account for the changing landscape of today. So informed, Living Office helps individuals and organizations uniquely adapt their methods, tools, and places of work to express and enable shared character and purpose.The result is a more natural and desirable workplace that fosters greater connection, greater productivity, greater creativity, and ultimately, greater prosperity for individuals and their organizations.

Let’s take a cue from Herman Miller and ask if our marketing plans – the outreach we do every day — is really connecting? Are we evolving to meet the needs of tomorrow? The teams of professionals coming into the workplace will be asking for something that is a blend of the relationships our grandparents built and the mindset of a generation that stays connected via electronics. It might just be a pretty great intersection, and a good time to be a Boomer.


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