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Connections Result in Sales – A trio of Easy Marketing Tips #7, #8 and #9

The easy marketing tips below, #7, #8 and #9 hinge on the Tips list I began in this blog March 2012.

Marketing Tip #8 – Get and stay connected, it’s all about personalization You see the name of a potential customer in the news and think to yourself, “ I can do this or that for him”. Why not tell him? Proactive outreach is best when you personalize.

You might see an ad that could be done better; and you know how. Or a company that is just right for your services or products. Send a letter, an email or call and be sure you begin by saying “I believe I have a product/service that could make a difference to you”. Once you have this connection your sales effort will be much easier.

Marketing Tip #9 – Alternative Advertising – church bulletin, local billboard Why buy an ad in the newspaper when the local church bulletin or the neighborhood flyer might serve you better, and for much much less? Think small. It may mean more work for you to post all these cards and flyers, but then again, it’s almost free. Think digitally too, Craig’s list (www.craigslist.org) and community billboards are often the first stop for some shoppers.

You never know where you will find a customer – one of the most successful campaigns I ever did included in-bathroom advertising in an office building! Marketing is meant to bring customers into your business and your second goal is to bring them back.

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