• Laura Bennett

Can you guess what was the #1 complaint by hotel guests in a just-released poll?

I’m certain each of you has a story of loud occupants (and their children) in an adjoining or nearby room. Recently I stayed at a large hotel and asked for a quiet room, to my surprise they told me they had a quiet zone area and I could have a room there for the same price. Wonderful!

However, at 2 am when I had had enough of constant banging as guests went in and out of a room across the hall – the front desk told me there was little they could do about it. So much for a quiet zone if they are not going to enforce it.

Snoring topped the list of irritating sounds hotel guests said was annoying.

Hotel staff shouting (why do they always yell at one another up and down the hallways?), slamming doors, “personal noise” coming from adjacent rooms, truck engines in the parking lot and broken equipment including toilets are among the list of what guests say keep them awake.

When did hotels forget that sleeping was the reason for checking in? My slumber cap is off to the few hotels who put in non-slamming doors, soundproofing and have policies about employee noise at all times of day.

Next time we can talk about how our room rate no longer covers a 24 hour stay – but first it’s time for a little rest. Quiet please.


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