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Best Job of 2012? Public Relations!

A recent US News report chose Public Relations as one of the Best Jobs for 2012 – well it is about time!

Having spent most of my life explaining to people what I do …. except on airplanes I tell seat mates I am a writer or a surgeon depending on how I feel… I can tell you that there are few careers that make you as glad to get out of bed everyday as much as this one.

I thought I’d share with you the advice I have given many many students, children of friends and others over the years who ask me if they are right for a career like mine.

If the following describes you, then consider a career in Public Relations. Are you quick but can be patient? Are you creative yet others say you have so much common sense? You thrive on change and being accountable? If you can also write, have little fear of public speaking, are a whiz with social media and enjoy people and life – then do not pass go, choose public relations.

I fell into this career while in college, because it seemed every area of study had potential and I spent the first two years calling home to declare I was changing majors from business to architecture to foreign languages to marketing. Finally my oh-so smart Mom said if I chose journalism I could explore the world through writing and that sealed the deal for me. Thankfully I was at one of the top J-schools in the country, the University of Florida – and they also offered public relations. The more classes I took the more I knew this was for me!

Thanks to the Internet the importance of Public Relations has elevated and plays a crucial role in business – if you can communicate well, and with forethought, then you will be one of the most important people on any team.

– Need to tell customers all about a new service or product? Ask the publicist.

– Wondering how to package a message so new customers respond? That task goes to the marketer.

– A newspaper journalist just called with a question that could have long term ramifications … turn to the media relations expert who is already thinking way ahead and knows the journalist is too.

– You consider your employees a priority and want to be sure to communicate effectively with them, who do you assign to manage this task? The employee communications professional.

– The local community plays a big role in your future growth. Who is the best choice to manage the interaction and communications on your behalf? The community relations expert.

– Want to use your website, Twitter, Facebook, email and more to “advertise” a promotion or event? Turn to the content creator.

– Hoping to create an event or promotion to build your image? Ask the special event planner.

– And when there is a crisis who do you call? The public affairs expert. All those titles are versions of “public relations” and are just part of the reason why you will never ever be bored.

I hoped to have a quirky ending to this blog by telling you there is a downside to this career …. But honestly I can’t think of one!

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