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Bennett & Company Expands Through Global Affiliates

August 22, 2012 (Orlando, FL) — Marketing and public relations firm Bennett & Company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month. Founded in Miami in 1982, the agency is now based in Orlando with affiliates worldwide and has long been known as an expert in managing the public relations and marketing for clients in the hospitality and real estate industries. Bennett’s first client (along with partner Gary Bitner) was the Hyatt Regency Miami when it opened in 1982 as part of the James L. Knight Center. The second client was Eastern/Western Cruise Line, which over the next 20 years grew and merged into a larger company, all the time staying as an important Bennett & Company client. The President of the cruise line was Bernie Chabot, who is now retired and remains a dear friend.

Has much changed in the last 3 decades? Fundamentally nothing has changed and operationally almost everything has,” says Laura Bennett, founder and president. “Clients still pay us to get their message out to the consumer. It’s about revenue and results now and always has been.”

“The techniques we use to reach the consumer is what has changed. From the cloud to street level advertising the pathways to send a message and connect with buyers are diverse, creative and the competition is huge. In our immediate and high-tech world it’s much more about strategy, moving fast, paying attention to details and making well-considered choices than it is about sending one blanket message.”

Other changes at the agency include a global team instead of a traditional office setting which Bennett had for the first 27 years in business with offices in both Miami and Orlando. Today, she oversees a team of 15 professionals who operate from locations as diverse as New York, Canada, the Netherlands and Thailand as well as those who work locally.

“The Bennett & Company team gets better every year and the smart people who work for me today have more skills, proven track records and global experience. There is innovation and creative energy coming out of parts of Europe, content is being produced in Canada and technology experts can be found in Asia; we go for the best people no matter where they are. Luckily Florida has a deep source of talent too. Though the satisfaction from doing great work, for great clients, never changes,” Bennett said.


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