• Laura Bennett

As we get close to Grandparent’s Day 2009 …

In 1978 President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation declaring the Sunday after Labor Day as the official day to celebrate Grandparents.

As the then Director of Communications for the National Restaurant Association this was a stellar opportunity to give diners just one more reason to dine out. You may not realize that after individual birthdays, the #1 day to dine out each year is Mother’s Day. Our mission was to promote this new observance, National Grandparents Day and assure we helped restaurateurs fill their restaurants and offer their customers another great reason to dine with the family; dine out that is.

Partnering with FTD and the Hallmark marketing teams we did just that. I never walk by a Hallmark store without thinking about how smart their marketing was then and is now.

Sometimes it is not about huge campaigns to get your message across, sometimes it’s just about making something special.

As we move forward with this new economic climate, try to add “something special” to your message and watch where it takes you. Possibly decades from now you too will see something you began today still be resonating with consumers in the future. #

Recently I read an article about two very smart women who have started a Boot Camp for Retirement. Is that brilliant? Retirement puts your life in reverse; instead of saving money you are now suppose to withdraw. Instead of having a full plate of things to do you are suppose to relax. This boot camp helps people know exactly what they are getting into when they retire.

I wish Marcia Tillotson and Joy Kenefick great success and don’t be surprised if someday I call on them to learn the important lessons of this next stage of life. #

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