• Laura Bennett

Are you a Content Creator? Content Curator? New Titles for Writers and Editors

‘Content Creator’ may be a new title for journalists, publicists and marketers everywhere whose job it is to write copy across multiple platforms from websites to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Even better might be the title of ‘Content Curator’ – not unlike a museum curator, the role of this title holder is to find relevant content, add new information and commentary and then repackage and resend it, often with a link to the original source or sources.

Years ago you may have noticed that Architectural Digest and others replaced the standard byline of ‘by Susie Smith” to “curated by Susie Smith”. This meant Susie did most of the work, but she pulled the information, quotes, photography and more from other sources.

As a member of two editor organizations I have seen this debate rage for several years now – either on the side of content being kidnapped for another use, or of the need for great journalists and writers to provide usable content. Neither of the organizations has come to a conclusion and are still struggling with whether or not a content creator is a journalist or not.

With the world being more and more interwoven across the Internet, it will continue to be important to have experts and curators who know where and when to pull information and assure all of us have the information we need. Information that is credible, well written, and put together in a relevant and maybe even enjoyable fashion.

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