• Laura Bennett

Are These 10 Words Marketing Magic?

As marketing professionals we try to create magic every day to find that perfect intersection of market research, consumer needs and wants, anecdotal evidence and just plain great timing …. Now comes a report that suggests the words and images we use supersede other tactics that “get into the consumer’s head” and I dare say heart too.

There is a lot of discussion these days about specific groups; Moms, Gen Y, Hispanics, Seniors and so many more. But at the end of the day we are all human and most of us desire the same basic things.

According to this new research, here are the words that consumers want most to be identified by and if used in marketing can change the conversation substantially:

1. Honest

2. Hard-working

3. Helpful

4. Friendly

5. Fair

6. Generous

7. Compassionate

8. Kind

9. Caring

10. Thank you!

Note #10 – The thank you part … can make or break the magic. By properly thanking the consumer you keep the good feelings going. By ignoring this opportunity you can lose a huge opportunity to build a relationship.

Behind these words are ‘the rest of the story” of course; building brand awareness, creating opportunity and trust – the holy grail of marketing and sales.

Remember these emotive words can be conveyed through visuals, testimonials, ad copy and content on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and all the myriad ways marketers communicate with their consumer audiences.

Do you believe in magic? Have to admit sometimes I do and I’ll be using these 10 words to achieve marketing magic for my clients.

Thank you for visiting my blog – you are appreciated too!

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