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“An Entirely New Era of Travel” – We Boomer Travelers Want Different, Fantastic and Exquisite

Long ago I chose Ken Dychtwald as one of my heroes. Long, long before I was a Boomer he not only identified what he called the “age wave” but he brought focus to this Boomer tsunami that changed the world. His book, Age Wave, came out in the late 80’s and it made a big impact on the kind of marketer I wanted to be; thank you Ken Dychtwald. Visit his website for much more insight, www.AgeWave.com What a guy!

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Recently he was a speaker before a group of some of the top travel advisors in the world and told them that because Boomers not only have most of the money in the world; and we also have time – we were at a pivot point of an entirely new era of travel.

Yet another recent survey backs up Dychtwald’s statement, Merrill Lynch asked Boomers what they wanted to do more of and a resounding 47% said travel. Other top answers were to spend more time with family, relax and volunteer – and all of those can also be part of a travel experience.

It really is all about experience isn’t it?

The airport experience, the airline experience, the hotel experience are slowly, starting to offer what all of us want to spend our time and money doing …. And Dychtwald takes this a step further

Boomers, he says, want those experiences to be “so fantastic and so exquisite” that they become lifetime memories.

As marketers we must ask if Boomers are going to impact big changes in travel… won’t they also impact the rest of the marketplace? No matter what the product, I would like to see experiences that include tasting, feeling, sound, seeing and even smelling to heighten all the senses and assure our travel time is rich and meaningful.
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Usually Dychtwald is far ahead of the marketplace, and for those of us eager to put more joy and fun into our travel experience I hope he has the opportunity to speak before many more travel organizations to keep those improvements in the travel experience coming!

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