• Laura Bennett

All in the name? Chief Chicken Officer!

What better person than an “analyst” to let the client know what they are paying for and how much ROI they are receiving?

I vote for this trend and suggest the next generation of agency titles will be: “Why you hired us”, “What we are doing for you” and “What did you get for the money you spent”

I like thinking we are one step closer to providing a very high level of service to our clients by better matching talents and personalities to what it takes to get the job done.

Chief Chicken Officer? KFC Corporation (no longer called Kentucky Fried Chicken) has a newly created position designed to serve as the spokesperson for the rollout of the chain’s new “cook” certification. I like this one too as it partners the PR spokesperson with the message – another twist that brings a secondary message to the role of corporate PR – and that is fun!

This re-packaging and re-definition process is healthy and positive and surely brings value to the new normal economy …. When we look back at this time years from now I have a sense we will see this kind of innovation was exactly what was needed.

So, why did the Chief Chicken Officer cross the road?

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