• Laura Bennett

Airports Taking Off with New Facilities – and bringing new marketing opportunities

Are you spending more time in airports these days? And so are your family, friends and business contacts? You are not alone. Not only is travel way up, but airports are bursting at the seams. The good news is many major airports in the US are investing billions in new facilities – and as marketers we might want to add spending awareness dollars in airports too. If the traveling public is your target audience this is surely worth a look.

Bigger planes, more international travel, far more security equipment – all these things need space that was not planned for decades ago. Major markets like New York’s Kennedy Airport, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta are all undergoing updates.

From where you park your car, to the shops, Customs and security facilities, food concessions and even the runways are all getting replaced, improved, expanded or will be brand new.

As just one for-instance, Atlanta has added the equivalent of 21 football fields of space to just one concourse; more than a million square feet. This expansion project opened last month and the project cost came in at $1.4 billion.

If you are traveling internationally you might be going through the $4.1 billion new international terminal at LAX that is the largest public work project in the city’s history and will accommodate the huge aircraft being used for international flights.

Airports are

It just might make your company’s marketing take off in a whole new way.


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