• Laura Bennett

Accountability – thank goodness it’s back

Good Morning from Miami – I’ve had 6 meetings in 3 days coupled with hours in my car with time to think and begin this day knowing one thing for sure – even a financial mess like we are in now brings good things.

Marketing is about communicating and compelling – only by knowing the current climate of the consumer, specifically your target audience, can you be successful. Sometimes it’s also about our own actions.

It’s really about accountability isn’t it? Whether it’s the people who are receiving AIG bonuses or those giving it to them – we all want to know “who” and “why” this happened. When marketing a product or service, it’s not going to be an option going forward; we must present honesty and transparency.

It’s been too long since we the people have demanded information – we want to know who is doing what, why and what happens next.

Surely we should have been asking these questions all along, but that would have meant we would own a bit of the responsibility too. Possibly we were all having too good a time to pay attention.

On the other side is our own personal accountability. Most of us are questioning our own actions. Did we really need to have that designer shirt? Eat out so often or drive such a large vehicle?

I have friends who are saying this new economy gives them an excuse to say no, clients who are taking creative new looks at marketing and seeing businesses putting an emphasis on customer service. Doesn’t this mean our world is getting back to basics – you know, being good to one another, saying thank you and being accountable?

Every change brings opportunity. And though there are so many who are in dire straits, we should all do something for those less lucky than we are and be accountable for our neighbors.

I’ve heard several say it feels like they just got off a gerbil wheel and they are relieved. Let’s take this opportunity to be accountable for our world – do something significantly positive today, for someone else.

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