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A Rose By Any Other, Well Anything

Do you have marketing days when you just feel like there is so much new and then more new systems to support the ‘new’ that you may never keep up? Heck maybe even catch up? Me too.

One of my least favorite words is “overwhelmed” and you will never hear me say that applies in my life. However I do feel deluged with all the ‘new’ and so far I haven’t yet figured out the ‘why’ of it all.

At a recent editor’s conference the speaker asked all of us to Tweet commentary about his speech. Dutifully almost all of the audience pulled out their devices and prepared to Tweet as requested. One hand shot in the air and asked “just how do you Tweet?” Many of us smiled as the speaker explained that a big percentage of people had a Twitter account but may have never or rarely actually Tweeted. Uh-huh I thought as that described me too.

Though I see the value of communication, at this time in my career, I just don’t see the value in the hours and hours it takes to be a Tweeter. If I was Howie Mandel, on America’s Got Talent and I was watching commentary and trending as my show was on the air, then I totally get it. But in my life, not so much.

  1. Going forward I am committed to just 3 pathways to communicate:

#1 LinkedIn

#2 Facebook

#3 Good old fashioned communications like writing (email, newsletters, thank you notes!) and talking one to one; back and forth with clients, friends, journalists and others.

May I add a 4th?

Dipping in and out of every communication option there is to monitor and listen in on what the consumer is saying. Pintrest, aggregator sites, specialty news sources, trade organizations and more all deliver potent news on selected subjects.

It seems like it might just make more sense to be pretty darn good at three communication systems (even blogging) then to be mediocre at so many, even if they are new. One thing experience teaches you is to focus on what works and brings results – and never lose a healthy dose of curiosity.

As for the speaker’s request – I Tweeted several times to say how much I enjoyed his presentation – and a few weeks later got a nice hand written thank you from him for my Tweets, and an email from Twitter saying they missed me because I had not been back.

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