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The only reason to take a closer look at this post is learn how to use marketing to impact your sales. This year and for years to come – this is a new time and calls for taking a new look at your options, your time, your budget and where you want to go. And put it all together with a generous dose of common sense.

In this blog I’ll offer how our agency approaches a new client’s business and what choices all businesses have for surviving and maybe even thriving.

Marketing is not only critical to the revenue and profit of a company – but can renew your sense of why you got into business in the first place. The to-do list that is marketing can stimulate a renewed sense of what is possible with your business.

Last week I had a business owner tell me he was paying $1200 a month for SEO, just yesterday another told me he spent $10,000 a month in advertising and yet another female entrepreneur said she had no idea what her options were these days, and after years of steady growth her sales were slipping.

What was important about these statements was “the rest of the story”. The owner paying for SEO wasn’t totally certain what those letters stood for; the executive spending thousands in advertising wasn’t aware he could negotiate for far more from the publications he was advertising in and didn’t know how much was the “right” amount to spend and the entrepreneur who didn’t know what to do was like too many others.

For each of them we had good news, and a few solid recommendations – there are still many ways to reach your customers, and some of them are very low cost.

Sometimes it’s about a new way of thinking using the new tools available, and sometimes it’s about doing things “the old fashioned” way. It never fails that a meld of both is the most cost effective, brings high return and includes a large dose of common sense.

At Bennett & Company all clients start with a half day meeting to review what’s important to the business, its leaders, their customers and the future. It’s a fun half-day that includes Play-Doh (to put our guests at ease and open up the communications), focused discussions, serious questions (like what keeps you awake at night?) and multiple ah-ha moments where the future starts to look bright.

The team here spends the next few days distilling the insight from the meeting and conducting a communications audit of all the things this client and their competitors have tried to sell their products or services. We analyze what worked, what didn’t and why? Then we augment with a report that identifies what might have been missing and what techniques other industries have tried that worked well. (The huge benefit of an agency is the 40,000 foot high view of what other industries are doing and what is successful in the marketplace.)

All of these come together in a custom-built plan-of-action, including a timeline, list of expectations and budget options – designed for the current needs of each client and their unique opportunities and challenges.

We always include a section called “carpe diem” to allow for the unexpected opportunities that appear when a positive marketing campaign gets going.

There are few things more rewarding than watching a client’s business thrive. After all in this unpredictable global economy surviving is job #1, but thriving is what gives us all a reason to get out of bed each day – and do it with a sense of belief that the future is full of possibilities.

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