• Laura Bennett

A Perfectly Proportioned Marketing Day

If your day was a pie chart – what would it look like?

Frequently I am asked how I spend my day. And after several decades of running a PR and marketing firm I have come down to this response “in 30 + years no two days have ever been alike”.

But those years also brought me a clear sense of what the ‘big deals’ are that should make up those days! If you aren’t required to track your time for your employer, these numbers might surprise you. Take the challenge, track your time for a week and see what your days might look like as a pie.

2014 pie chart

Let’s review what a marketing pro in 2014 might consider as a perfectly proportioned marketing day:


– Based on mythical 8 hour days and 52 weeks a year there could be 2080 work hours a year

– But then there are at least 10 holidays and 14+ days of vacation, so now you are at 1888 hours

How this 236 work day, 1888-hour pie might look in a perfect pie world?

59 hours a year, which translates to 15 minutes each morning preparing your to do list and focusing on your goals for the day

118 hours a year, or 30 minutes first thing in the morning answering priority email

944 hours a year if you focus just 4 hours each day doing the work that will assure you accomplish your goals

472 hours a year if you spend just 2 hours each day in meetings or on conference calls with clients, colleagues, leaders or advisors

236 hours a year are spent if you take just a 1 hour break for lunch or lunch meetings

59 hours a year, which equates to just 15 minutes at the end of the day wrapping up and noting what needs to be accomplished tomorrow

So now come the questions right? What about critical issues, the unpredictable and everything that runs longer than anticipated? The answer: this is why 8 hour days are often not the case and why some people don’t take lunch and you often feel like your to-do list is in control of your life.

It is also why every day is different and marketing takes smart, energetic, creative, problem solving and indispensable professionals that make the business world successful.

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