• Laura Bennett

A Marketing Manifesto – 4 Truths

At some point (maybe even today) you will say to yourself “how can I ever keep up with all the changes going on” and then the second truth will hit you “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Which leads me to the Marketing Manifesto and these 4 truths:


#1 – Marketing is communications pure and simple. The latest term for this is “H to H”, Human to Human.

#2 – The absolute best communication is a conversation.

#3 – Matching the audience, with the right conversation via the most effective and open communication vehicle is the challenge of a marketing pro. Indeed it is what divides the best from all the rest.

#4 – At the end of any day, anywhere, the consumer just wants to know they are getting value, their lives will be even slightly improved if they spend their hard earned money, and yes this seller of products or services might care about them.

And thus it was, and thus it is – and you can count on this being a truth as long as there are humans.

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