• Laura Bennett

A Dozen Ways To Impact Registration AND Attendance for your Webinar

You put a lot of work into the content and set-up of your webinar, now how do you build an audience?

In the 12 tips below I will give you ‘not optional’ ways to make your webinar worth your time and that of your participants.

  1. Let’s talk about timing. If your audience is in the same timezone then you are fine. But if they are across timezones or around the world think through if you are too early, too late or impacting a meal time.

  2. Post the topic and time/date on your website, with a link.

  3. Consider which format you will use and test best delivery methods.

  4. Have a plan! Say what your are going to say, then say it and then say what you said, followed by Q and A. Do not skip the intro and do not skip the summary where you repeat thanks, contact information etc.

  5. Give tips to your presenters. They might not think about the distractions like a TV, ringing phone or other noise. Ask them to consider what is in the background like artwork or book titles that might not be right for a mixed audience. See my blog on this.

  6. Your emails – at least two weeks in advance and then 3 more before the date, and an hour before start time.

  7. Personalize – if you know your audience say something in your subject line about them – how they will benefit.

  8. Try 3 different subject lines and see which work best. If you want people to think your webinar is valuable then do not send out the same subject line each time.

  9. Mirror the above on social media

  10. Establish a #hashtag and use it across all channels

  11. Use images. The faces of your speaker with cutlines of who they are and what they are going to discuss, images of your product or an image that captures your topic.

  12. Interject the participant’s opinion. Absolutly stop in time for questions, or better yet weave into the time slot two or three polls to ask participants what they think. Keep them engaged.

Streaming webinars and events are forever in our future, let me know your tips for making them engaging and worthwhile. Contact me at laura@bennettandco.com.


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