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A customer for life – thanks to a business owner who cared

Wow – I just had an experience that has made me a raving fan of Cards Direct – a company I had never even heard of just weeks ago. Now my friends all know how impressed I am and may become future customers – just because someone cared enough to read an email and act.

The quick tale goes like this: I ordered invitations for a party on this website that I found while “Googling” for invitations. It had everything I wanted including two-sided printing and options for paper and envelopes. I was so pleased with the whole purchase experience and the pricing.

The box of finished invitations and envelopes arrived at my office and they were beautiful. That same day I made time to make labels and mail the invitations, looking forward to the incoming responses. Instead I got returned envelopes with large stickers from the US Post Office saying the square envelope could not be processed in their machines and I would need to add more postage for handling. However their oh-so informative sticker made it impossible to reuse the envelope.

I went back to the Cards Direct website and found that there had indeed been subtle warnings about additional postage in the description of this particular product. I also found the name of an executive and wrote him an email saying how disappointed I was in my own failure to read the details and to help future customers could they consider putting a note in the box alerting customers of the need for double postage? I pointed out that Hallmark actually has it imprinted on square envelopes.

What came back almost immediately was an email from the President saying how sorry he was and he would happily reprint the invitations and even mail them for me if I would send him an Excel list. All at no charge.

That was the first Wow. However as I thought about his offer I realized none of my friends would get the personal notes I wrote if new invitations were sent. And possibly some of them could get two invitations if any of the square envelopes made it through the postal system.

Early the next morning, before I had time to respond to his first note, he sent me a second email. He too realized this was not a perfect solution and so could he send me brand new envelopes and send them one day FedEx so I could get them right out?

Here was the second Wow – this guy had thought of my dilemma and not once but twice came up with a solution.

I took him up on his offer and thanked him very much – when the promised box arrived the next day what do you think was shrink-wrapped with the envelopes? A “reminder about postage” saying to please note extra postage was needed! I am now a customer for life, raving all the way.

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