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5000 Times a Day You Are a Target – for Advertising! 6 Ways To Make Yours Stand Out in This Crowd!

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They are everywhere; so much so that often we block out the “noise” of advertisements. NPR recently had a show trying to describe the different types of ads including “native”, “paid content” and “traditional” – in the end they all have the same objective – to move us to purchase.

An old trend is new again – ads are tying right into the message of the medium …. A drama show may include the star driving a particular car, which later has a commercial for that same car. A product might be reviewed in say a beauty magazine and there is the very mascara in an ad a few pages later – you get the idea.

Tie-ins are powerful – ask yourself – where is this ad going and how can I use words in my ad that tie right into the reason this consumer bought this magazine, watched this TV broadcast or is reading this item online? Bingo – you will know immediately and have greater impact.

As marketers, our job is to create and support sales – so as this conversation continues on what ads are called or how many of them bombard us daily … let’s take a look at the top 6 ways to make YOURS more effective in 2014!

#1 – Split your ads into two or three – Instead of one 30 second spot or one full sized print ad – break it up into 2 or 3 mini stories. Just be sure each one could stand alone if need be.

#2 – Be selective. Think about who your biggest consumer category is and then go for that person. With most of the money being spent by Boomer women – consider an ad just for this demographic and spend your ad dollars where these women are. This might be the best audience for the daily print newspaper or well-chosen radio stations – but dare to be bold as this demographic wants you to make their life easier please.

#3 – Tie it all together – EVERYTHING ties together – don’t spend one cent on a paid ad if you haven’t shared the message with the employees, used it on your website, added it to your POS and issued a news release (also added to the website) that includes the key words – key messages – you are sending.

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#4 – Do the reverse of your competitors – be silent. Send a powerful message with visuals. Say it with images and music and just a few words on the screen. In this case the beat of the music is incredibly important – a sound engineer can help you match your story to the right music track. Be certain your logo is in place so the message is clear.

#5 – Use humor, use a celebrity if you can, include an animal – these three methods cut across nearly all demographics and so more people notice.

#6 – Work with the medium you have chosen to send your message – their advertising team should have big ideas on how to stretch your dollars – like editorial opportunities, contest tie-ins, upcoming events, email lists and so much more. Always, always work with a smart ad sales person and ask.

Don’t be one of the advertisements that your consumer blocks out – you have a great service and work for a company that cares about its customer – now let your commercial shine while having big impact with your marketing dollars.

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