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40% of US Consumers Began Holiday Planning and Shopping YESTERDAY! And… a terrific infographi

The Importance of Holiday Marketing in October – Less Cost +More Results

According to recently published research from Adroll, marketers should definitely consider launching their holiday campaigns in October (or mid-August for PR) in order to maximize performance and response.

The findings, based on data collected from Adroll’s 37,000+ customers, show that over 40% of consumers in the US begin holiday shopping in October – yet the average CPC is 12% lower than November and December. The average CPM is lower also, which points to some key opportunities for those who are able to get in early with their campaigns.

Adroll provides a more comprehensive look at its data in the infographic below, which also highlights specific opportunities on Facebook and Instagram.

It’s not just about Black Friday – instead focus on October where you will capture more consumers and spend less. 

Infographic looks at digital ad data for October

A version of this post was first published on the Digital Information World blog.

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