• Laura Bennett

2016 Is The Year Of The Chinese Buyer


So how do you capitalize on this expanding audience?

Things to know:

  1. China is the biggest economy in the world

  2. Chinese tourists spend more on international travel than any other culture, including the USA

  3. They often buy retail, look for second homes, visit college campuses and indulge in luxury experiences

  4. The number of Chinese visitors is growing at more than 20% annually

  5. The Chinese enjoy shopping and it is considered a status symbol to buy from the USA

Chinese shopper for 2016 blog

a)  Consider having key information translated into Mandarin, on your website, on signage or other key communication vehicles

b)  Look into accepting Chinese credit cards like UnionPay, the Chinese version of Visa

c) Key times for Chinese to travel are during their key holidays like this month’s Chinese New Year, Spring Festival etc.

For more holiday information go here:      www.ChinaHolidays.com

d) Contact local universities to see if you might hire a Chinese student to intern with you and help you learn more about reaching out to this customer.

We live in a global economy with opportunity for all.  Enjoy getting to know our Chinese visitor and their customs, we will all be the benefactor!

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