• Laura Bennett

2013 the year of the Powerhouse, the Powerful and Marketing as a Necessity!

The absolute best part of all this is that marketing has come out as one of the indispensable parts of business. Marketing budgets are becoming non-negotiable but include a far broader range of tasks and responsibilities too. The very definition of marketing has expanded, morphed and merged and whatever it takes to communicate online, offline, one to one, one to many and so many stops in-between, are all us!

As we look to 2013 marketers must be positioned to fulfill the role of the engine that does! Think powerful, full of steam and moving forward, faster and faster …. You are that powerhouse and loaded for the trip. Without marketing this train won’t pull out of the station. All aboard!

Today my daily tasks and those of my team range from content creation to long term planning, short term strategies and right-this-minute needs. And that was just yesterday! Most marketers have to-do lists that look similar and most of us have less team members to share the load with. In some ways that has made us sharper and like others in management positions forced us to look at priorities and filter out what was filler and what was functioning. Personally I enjoy this process and knowing that though my days are packed, in the end I will have made a bigger difference and using the train analogy, will have moved my clients farther along the track to where they want to go.

As we head into yet another new year, I enter it with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose knowing that marketing skills make the difference, now even more than ever.

Here’s to a magnificent 2013 that brings growth and satisfaction to you and yours!

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