• Laura Bennett

10 Fresh Ideas for Expanding Your Event’s Social Reach

Really? Is all that Tweeting, Facebooking and LinkedIn effort really working? Try these tips and see if all the time you are spending on “social marketing” might have bigger and better results.

step and repeat wall

Are you having a party, hosting events or conferences? If so do you have tweet #hashtags or a Facebook page for posting photos? Are you tracking either of these? Are you going the extra mile and capturing the additional posts your attendees might be producing?

Here are some ideas on how to capture and report on your success – and have more fun too!

  1. Establish a #hashtag as a normal piece of your event or conference planning and publicize it on every single thing you use to communicate to your attendees

  2. Include visuals (be sure red is part of the color palette) with your event or corporate identity everywhere – so when those photos and videos are being produced your logo is part of the story

  3. A step and repeat logo booth works well – think Academy Awards where the stars stand in front of a wall of logos or images – you’ll want one for your event too

  4. Think in bits and bites – your visual presentations and speakers should offer cool facts or did you know elements that are prominent on the screen too – these are the content elements that get tweeted, posted and photographed to relay your messages

  5. Think through all the photo opportunities you can add to your event or conference to encourage those cell phones are very busy taking images of your event

  6. Hire your own photographers (or assign members of your team) to take photos of the attendees and post immediatley – with links to the attendee’s own Facebook and to your #hashtag too

  7. Do the same with video and post on YouTube with the #hashtag and post on Facebook

  8. Have a contest for most creative post of any kind – that way attendees will have to let you know where they have posted in order to win

9. Now let’s take a look at your Facebook pages – if you do not have 25% or more of your followers responding some way every month – then you need to reconsider the value of your posts. Try telling a better, bigger story. Adding photos increases response in a big way – try to never post on Facebook without posting a visual too.

10. How about your Tweets – Are they all about you? Maybe you should post every 3rd time about something else, like a new fact you learned that is relevant to your audience, or a charity that is doing really great things.

Years ago the big question was about advertising – was all the time and money spent on producing and placing an ad really working? There were very few ways to isolate or track the results and consequently ad budgets went higher and higher while accountability was never even part of the discussion.

Today it is all track-able, and we all win when we track our results and build marketing programs based on results.

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